Yasmin’s first contact with belly dance started in 2002 when she attended a belly dance concert. Intrigued by the alluring dance moves, she decided to pick up belly dance even though she always thought she had two left feet. With no prior dance background, she started her first belly dance class and was captivated by the femininity of the dance. This inspired her to carry on with the classes. Those were the days when she was still studying for her science degree in National University of Singapore.

She stopped dancing for a year to pursue a graduate diploma in business administration but felt that something was missing in her life without belly dance. She picked it up again and has never looked back.

Yasmin is particularly drawn to classical belly dance form especially veil work. She looks up to popular belly dancer, Aziza. The fluidity and grace of Aziza’s movements coupled with her creative veil work is a constant source of inspiration for Yasmin.

Yasmin actively finds ways to improve by attending workshops taught by renowned instructors such as Hossam and Serena Ramzy, Dr Mo Geddawi and Prof Hassan Khalil.

She has performed extensively in various occasions such as Hossam Ramzy’s Concert in 2006, Chingay 2007, Miss Singapore Universe 2008 as well as many corporate Dinner and Dance functions, weddings and grassroots events.

During her free time, Yasmin likes reading, travelling and playing mahjong with friends. She is also a nature and animal lover with 3 cats at home.

Yasmin can be contacted at yasmin@bellydance.sg