Saphira (seh-fee-rah) discovered her passion for belly dance when she joined her friend for a class in the hope of finding work life balance in her busy work schedule. This turned out to be a life-changing decision that led her into the world of belly dance.  

Belly dance has not only improved Saphira’s overall fitness but it has also given her greater inner strength on both emotional and spiritual level. Over the years, she has grown to be an engaging performer who learnt that a dancer is not judged based on how strong her techniques are but how expressive she is in her dance.

Saphira is a creative dancer who strives to come up with interesting choreographies to bring out the flavour of the dance. Drawn to Bollywood films from young, she is also a fan of bollywood fusion dance. Inspired by Bellyqueen Amar Gamal, Saphira aspires to become a versatile dancer like her.

She counts on watching videos from famous belly dancers and attending workshops by prominent instructors such as Hossam and Serena Ramzy as well as belly dancers like Nuriyya as a great way to learn. Saphira has performed in several Dinner and Dance functions, Chingay 2007 and Miss Singapore Universe 2008.

Besides dancing, Saphira likes to nourish her mind with books, travelling and watching Discovery Channel. 

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