Kayra started dancing at the age of six. She comes into belly dance with a background in ballet, Chinese and modern dance. Her first contact with belly dance started in 2005 during her university days at NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication & Information.

As the youngest member of the troupe, Kayra’s passion for belly dance has grown over the years. She derives immense satisfaction from perfecting each movement, be it a hip drop, undulation or shimmies.

A natural performer who attributes her love for the stage from years of performing during her primary and secondary school days, Kayra strongly believes that in order for the audience to appreciate your dance, you must first enjoy it and dance from your heart.     

Drum solo is one of Kayra’s favourite belly dance styles and it is also her forte. Her sharp techniques on each precise drum beat allow her to shimmy her way into the audience’s hearts. She draws inspiration from Bellyqueen Kaeshi Chai and works towards becoming a skilled dancer like her.

Kayra takes the dance seriously and constantly hones her skills by attending workshops from renowned masters such as Prof Hassan Khalil. She has vast experience in performing at numerous corporate and social functions including Dinner & Dance, weddings, grassroot events, Chingay 2007 and Miss Singapore Universe 2008.

When she is not dancing, Kayra enjoys travelling, scouting for good food and chilling out with friends. She is also an avid reader with a soft spot for green tea and desserts.

Kayra can be contacted at kayra@bellydance.sg