Frequently asked Questions

  1. Is belly dance appropriate for children?
    Belly dance is suitable for people of all age groups including the young. Children can join in the dance too!

  2. What kind of performances can we offer?
    We offer a good mix of traditional belly dance items such as drum solo (which is a splendid showcase of the dancers' techniques) and other classical Arabic songs with the use of props such as veil, cane and/or finger cymbals. Depending on the nature of your event, we can infuse belly dance into other dances such as Pop, Bollywood, American Tribal, Broadway, Chinese dance and others. This is otherwise known as belly dance fusion.

  3. How long is each performance?
    A typical dance segment ranges between 12 to 15 minutes.

  4. Why engage Bellydance Divas? How are we different from the rest?
    Numbers is our strength and we are able to offer greater variety in our troupe dance as compared to solo dances. We like to inject our dance items with spectacular troupe formations and you will never get bored watching our performance. You will see strong chemistry and camaraderie among our dancers which makes our dance an even greater joy to watch. This bonding and teamwork stems from years of training together. We can also provide solo, duet dances if required.

  5. What type of events do we perform in?
    Below's a profile of the type of events which we've performed in:
    • Corporate Functions
    • Gala Dinners
    • Wedding and Bridal Showers
    • Birthday parties
    • Charity Events
    • Grassroot Events
    • Opening Ceremonies
    • Girls' Only Parties
    • Private Functions in a restaurant setting
    Essentially, it can be any function as long as you want to add an element of fun and surprise for your guests.
    Please note that Bellydance Divas do not perform in male-only events.

  6. Common myths of belly dance
    Belly dance is NOT exotic dance. It is an artistic dance that celebrates womanhood and it takes many years of training to become a professional belly dancer. Belly dance is a dance that requires precise muscle isolations in order to execute the movements fluidly. Bellydance Divas seeks to bring out the grace and femininity of women through our dance.