Born in China to parents who are prominent Chinese opera masters, Amira is no stranger to the stage. She started learning Chinese opera at a tender age under the guidance of her parents.  

This training has given her stage confidence and the ability to connect with the audience through her effortless expressions. Amira’s smooth and fluid movements also stems from many years of experience in Chinese dance. Her strength lies in incorporating challenging acrobatic moves into the dance which never fails to impress.

Amira came to Singapore in 1994. Under the influence of a friend, she took up belly dance classes in private schools in 2006 and was fascinated by this beautiful dance form. This prompted her to continue learning the dance.  

A motivated dancer, Amira lives by the mantra of perfecting the dance before each performance.   She has attended several workshops by distinguished masters such as Yousry Sharif and Magdy El Leisy as well as world-class belly dancers including Hindy and Nuriya.

Amira’s dedication has earned her recognition from foreign judges when she was placed second runner-up for Asia Global Belly dance solo competition in 2007. She has also performed in several Dinner and Dance functions, Chingay 2007 and Miss Singapore Universe 2008.

Amira likes to complete her day with good food and wine. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travelling and coming up with new dance choreographies.

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