Bellydance Divas is a group of belly dancers who share a common passion for belly dance and are dedicated to spreading the goodness of this oriental dance to all.

These four ladies met at a private dance school and friendship blossomed between them. Bonded by the desire to bring joy and connect with people through the sensuality of this dance, they formed Bellydance Divas and have since embarked on the wonderful journey of belly dance.     

They are well- trained in traditional belly dance forms such as drum solo, veil, zill, (finger cymbals), cane, folklore and various fusion including bollywood, Chinese dance, pop, tribal gypsy and broadway fusion.

Bellydance Divas has performed at numerous corporate and social functions such as Dinner & Dance, grassroot events and weddings. Depending on the nature of your event, they can work with you to come up with the dance style that fits your theme.  

One of Bellydance Divas’ goals is to dispel any misconceptions that people may have of the dance and that this art will one day be universally appreciated by audience of all background and culture.   

Bellydance Divas truly believes in the benefits of belly dance. They hope to educate people about the dance, in particular how it improves one’s general well-being, enables one to become more aware of one’s body image and boost one’s self-esteem and confidence.  

Belly dance has become an integral part of these divas’ lives. They take pride in their dance and are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves to become a better dancer.

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